Served with rice, beans and tortillas
Add Nopales to any meal for $1.95

Carne Asada
Grilled steak with guacamole. $13.95

Deep fried pork chunks. $12.95

Steak Picado
Chopped steak with ranchero sauce. $12.95

Beef chunks cooked with spices in a red sauce. $12.95

Fajitas de Pollo o Carne
Grilled steak or chicken served with sautéed bell pepper and onion. $12.95

Chile Verde
Pork chunks cooked in a green tomatillo sauce. $12.95

Chile Rojo
Pork chunks cooked in a red sauce. $12.95

Mole de Pollo
Chicken cooked in a special mole sauce. $12.95

Fajitas Tricolor
Grilled steak, chicken and shrimp with sauteed bell pepper and onion. $15.95

Pollo Frito
Fried Chicken. $12.95

Chunks of goat cooked with spices in a special red sauce. $12.95

Beef-tongue cooked with red or green sauce. $12.95

Higado Encebollado
Grill liver and onions. $12.95

Costillas en Salsa Verde or Roja
Pork ribs cooked in red or green tomatillo sauce. $12.95