Comida Salvadoreña
Salvadoran Food

Please no substitutions

Platanos Fritos Con Crema
Fried plantain with sour cream. $5.50

Platanos Fritos Con Crema y Frijoles
Fried plantains with refried beans and sour cream. $6.95

Yuca Frita o Cocida con Chicharrón y Curtido
A cassava root boiled or fried, served with tender deep fried pork and Salvadoran cabbage salad. $7.95

Platillo Salvadoreño
Fried plantains with mixed rice and black beans, queso fresco or sour cream and tortillas or french roll. $8.95

Dos Tamales de Elote Con Crema y Frijoles
Two corn tamales served with sour cream and beans. $7.95

Dos Tamales Salvadoreños
Two pork or chicken salvadoran tamales. $7.50

Combinacion de Dos Tamales Salvadoreños
Two pork or chicken Salvadoran tamales, served with rice
and beans. $10.95